1. What is the business about?

Decarbonization in a word, but also energy planning, full project development, and management. Secure energy production, from alternative energy sources and sustainable planning methods. Work with existing technologies to implement emissions reduction and revenue increases. 

2. What do you want users to look for?

There are several key terms that will be a focus for us; decarbonization, Hydrogen, Energy security, ESSNA, hydrogen production, fuel cells, emission reduction, technology, energy modeling, energy planning, decentralized energy, more as they come

3. Choose the users who you want to Reach? 

Energy companies, CFOs, CEOs, operations, Warehouse, Distributor, Municipalities, Governments, property management companies, real estate investors, investors, Fuel companies, Fuel cell companies, manufacturing, refining, production

4. What is the user looking for? 

Energy modeling, hydrogen production, emissions reduction, net-zero planning, Decarbonization solutions, decarbonization

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