Decarbonization Measured

What Is Decarbonization?

Decarbonization is the reduction of carbon released into the environment through emissions.  Carbon compounds like carbon dioxide (CO2) are major contributors to global warming. Decarbonization is the implementation of technology, procedures and practices to reduce the negative impact of overwhelming concentrations of these compounds in the atmosphere. It is the conversion of an economic system to one that compensates  the sustainable reduction of harmful emissions. 

Untruths of Decarbonization

Negative revenue streams

Dedicated modelling specific to individual needs and requirements will ensure positive revenue

Control/Management of downstream markets

Active decarbonization plans need to be in place, stakeholders and customers will demand a green blueprint

The carbon tax is unavoidable

Decarbonization will greatly insulate an organizations exposure to unnecessary costs and spending

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We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles

- Thomas Edison- Developer

Decarbonization Steps


ESSNA™’s Hydrogen on-site without Capex (HOwC™) allows for decarbonization projects to move forward without having to scale back important capital investments and ensure that you can still align company resources with priority projects

Decarbonization for Risk Management

Precise Modelling & Execution

Our modelling will ensure that the correct technology is employed to reach the exact project quantifications for successful outcomes 

All Stages Managed

Admission of the project will be applied from end-to-end or as is required. ESSNA™ is capable of project management for the entire lifecycle of the operation

Market Access

Access to a variety of markets for produced hydrogen, online Carbon credit management and trading system

Decarbonization will mitigate market impact and ESSNA™ will eliminate the business impact

All solutions and applications are easily applied to existing locations and applications so that business will continue as usual

Hydrogen production on-site without CAPEX (HoWC™) ensure that projects can move forward without impacting prioritization of priority projects

Hydrogen supplies and markets will be guaranteed though 59H™ partners and ESSNA™ networks


When modelled and delivered by ESSNA™ the result is a positive decarbonization Revenue Stream​​

Decarbonization Model

An ESSNA™ Decarbonization Model Releases
$80 000 000 to $100 000 000 (USD) per Portfolio​

H2 Refuelling, Storage and Distribution Solutions


ESSNA on-site and fuel delivery of 59H™ products will be incorporated to expand our operations into the Fuel refuelling and distribution sector.  Our brand and technology allows for easy integration into this developing industry.


We will be a leading provider of H2 fuel storage and distribution for the specific purpose of refuelling of fuel cell technology.

We will incorporate electric charge station networks into the refueling grid network.

Our industry knowledge, background and technology will allow for a smooth transition to reduced emission technology that will lower emissions and allow for a secure fuel future.




We have met the market need for a structured and risk mitigated decarbonization approach. This is driven through 15 years of first hand experience in developing a core value proposition. Where supplying a stand alone technology has proven to increase risk and falls short of delivering on core objectives, the ESSNA™ energy modelling (EMAP™) has met this gap in te market.

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